To all who need some sort of word fix!

Have need for editing, web content or copy writing? Have issues with high school or college essay writing? You need a word fix. You came to the right place.

My fingers have pounded out words, sentences, paragraphs, stories, award-winning newspaper articles, columns, editorials for many years and on many keyboards (both manual and electric). I love words and I love writing. More than that, I love when people actually read what I have written or edited because if nobody reads the words presented to them, then all the hard work was a little more than a labor of love. That and six bucks will get you a cup of coffee.

And, that is why you are here. You need a word fix.

Whether you are in search of researched web content, professional, lead-generating e-mail campaigns, engaging social media posts or if you just need a second pair of eyes to edit and make sure your written words flow nicely and make sense to your potential reader, I am your solution.

Maybe you or your high school-aged child needs help understanding the art of essay writing for class or college entrance applications. Give me a shout, I have worked with writers of all ages and experience levels. As a writing coach, my job is not just to edit a paper or essay, it is to help the writer understand concepts so he or she can be confident in their own abilities.  The best part of being a writing coach is coaching-up young writers so they no longer need me. It’s a sad and lonely job, but hey, someone’s gotta’ do it!

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If you have a need, or need a word fix, contact me and together we can find a solution.