Thanks Don

I met you first when my family and I began reading your column, Don’t Rush Me, back in 2004, when we moved to Ortonville. By seeing the names and faces of people we recognize and getting acquainted with the businesses and events, the Citizen helped us get comfortable in our new neighborhood and get connected to our community.
Although you and I don‘t share the same political views, I truly respect your writing talents. I especially appreciate how you write honestly, but without cynicism  or exaggeration. My favorite columns are the stories you share about yourself and your kids. They’re a refreshing change compared to a lot of media these days.

It’s harder than it looks.

To be honest, I kept your column in my mind when I first started writing. When my family and I were living in Brazil back in 2009, I decided to write an idea of mine into an essay. Although I hadn’t written anything longer than a grocery list in 10 years, I figured “If he can write his column every week, I can write this.” It took me more than week to finish, but once I finally did, it ignited a passion I still carry today.
When it was time to turn my idea into a book, once again I turned to you for inspiration. You helped me turn my ideas into something coherent and relatable. As my editor, you were ruthless, marking every extra comma and slashing through “that’s” like Albert Schweitzer through the Congo. Fortunately, as my friend, instead of using a red pen, you were kind enough to use purple. I truly appreciated that. 😉

Valuable and well-recognized

Don, simply put, you are my hero.
By just being a regular guy for the past 30+ years, you manage to inspire folks without realizing you’re doing it. Thousands of people read your column every week. You make networking at the Clarkston Coffee Club easy and fun because it’s “hippie” networking, and there’s no pressure, man! Plus all of the writers who benefit from your help and guidance at Writer’s group every Third Thursday at the Brandon Library. You’re a credit to your profession, Don, and I’m so glad to know you.
Pam Belding
Current Inspiration

Helped bring out my own skills . . .

I am writing to strongly recommend Mr. Don Rush in his abilities to properly coach students in all forms of writing.

I was given Mr. Rush’s contact information by my cousin who needed help writing her college application essays. She was very pleased with the advice and revisions Mr. Rush provided. I too needed help in writing my college application essays. I emailed Mr. Rush my concerns and goals I had in mind for college. He assured me  these goals were attainable and realistic. He gave me adequate confidence and never wrote any of the essays for me. However, he helped bring out my own skills and knowledge to their full potential in a way for me to convey exactly what I wanted in my essays. Mr. Rush was always prompt and got back to me swiftly. I can say that Mr. Rush played a significant role in helping me achieve admissions into Brown University of the Ivy League, which is where I will be attending come the fall.

Louis Zingas

He willingly and skillfully, provided guidance and suggestions that eventually lead with our son’s great success in this class

When looking to provide our son with an AP English mentor, Mr. Don Rush came highly recommended.  He willingly and skillfully, provided guidance and suggestions that eventually lead with our son’s great success in this class.  Mr. Rush went on to edit his college admission essays.  This was not an easy feat!  Our son was recruited by Ivy leagues and top rated universities. Therefore, his essays needed to set him apart from other applicants.

Our son’s essays were outstanding and even had admission counselor’s commending him on his ability to write.  After much consideration, he chose to attend the University of Michigan and is dual majoring in English and Molecular Biology.

Now on to our daughter, she also sought out Mr. Rush to help mentor and guide her through the essay writing process for college admissions.  She applied and has been accepted at top rated universities.  Mr. Rush was able to provide relevant and crucial feedback on her essays.  Though, she is waiting for one more admission decision, she most likely will join her brother at the University of Michigan.

We have been so satisfied with Mr. Rush’s ability to mentor and edit essays, that we felt confident in referring his services to our nephews.  They have been accepted to top rated Universities, with one committing to Brown and the other the University of Michigan.

With all that said, it is evident we have been very pleased and appreciative of Mr. Rush’s services and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a writing coach or essay editing.

Helen and Nick Andreou

Thank you.

Mr. Rush, I’m glad you were able to review my essays it helped a lot.

Don did a great job helping with some of the content on my website.

People think that writing is easy. But, you need a mastermind with a creative perspective on writing. It is amazing the kind of twists can be added to content to grab attention and capture the reader. Don did a great job helping with some of the content on my website.